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e m b e d d e d n a v i g a t i o n

dezein _ the persistent practice of considered creation

Adam Zeiner _ a very curious human based in Austin, TX


^ ~ image glitched using PhotoMosh


a moniker i like to use online for myself and for my independent studio practice β†’Β, LLC bc I got lucky that for the time being the stars that are my last name and profession have aligned


a designer and organizer focused on socially created "soft" systems and networks, integrating futures literacy into design practice, information architecture + visualization, and engaging w/ intimate communities of practice


Strategic Designer β†’Β Design Institute for Health

a radical collaboration between Dell Medical School and the College of Fine Arts at The University of Texas at Austin

Founding Board Member β†’Β Design Futures Initiative

nonprofit 501c3 organization

Lead Organizer β†’Β Speculative Futures Austin

focus on Design-oriented Futures programming and Futures-oriented Design programming



Founding Member, Core Member β†’Β

anΒ avocationalΒ tech-based arts collective turned intimate community, sometimes of practice and sometimes not

Continued Learning Director β†’Β fresh2design

Led the #Advance pillar of the organization which encompassed most educational programming

Design Partner β†’ WholeSplit and Tapr

both start up ventures are now defunct