2016 → 2018

e m b e d d e d s u b - p a g e n a v i g a t i o n

I can provide and/or create case studies if necessary, however most of the work I did as a consultant during this period of time is under NDA to varying extents

Designer ←→ Design Consultant ←→ Consultant

A lot of the design consulting work I did at projekt202 and MU/DAI→Drawn prior to joining the Design Institute, in a big way, focused on designing culture and applying design, systems, and futures thinking and methods to the design of software based services and products.

A big focus of mine at and outside of work is on the creation of processes supporting the production of artifacts. Sometimes that takes the form of a community or a collective. Other times this manifests in a component library, a UI Kit, or establishing tooling pipelines, production processes, and cross disciplinary collaboration standards.

Creative Direction of the PRIMER 18 Design-Futures conference Brand Identity

My role on the Design Futures Initiative Board of Directors and as a Founding Partner of vurv tech-arts collective, afforded me the opportunity to lead Brand Identity efforts for the 2018 PRIMER Conference. The team I assembled through vurv is comprised of Ross, Dayan, and myself. A Creative Technologist, Brand Designer, and Creative Director respectively.

Establishing a Design-led Corporate Innovation Lab, while shipping products and services

Came on in a full-time capacity at MU/DAI to work on an embedded team focused on establishing and extending an Innovation Lab for the Products and Platforms branch of the Health & Public Services arm of a global management consulting and professional services company.

Freelance Web Design for MU/DAI

Along with an Experience Design Director and Creative Technologist, I worked in a Visual Design capacity to design and develop a new website for Chase & Associates.

Supplementing the Provider Enrollment Experience for the state of Texas

Contracted by MU/DAI to work with the Public Sector arm of a global management consulting and professional services company to supplement the Provider Enrollment Experience for Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership.

Growing a customer-centric Design practice in an operationally focused Enterprise corporation, while digital shipping products and services

Working on an embedded team while at projekt202 to establish a Customer-centric Software Design practice within the Global Support and Deployment Product Group of a multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas.

Giving a Data Management tool a Face + Function lift

Designing a new Customer-Support-data management solution for an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino.

vurv.co; tech-arts collective; 1 of 3 Founding Partners

Since 2015 we've grown our tribe from the 3 of us, to a community of close to 80 technically oriented creatives working at the confluence of Computation and Interaction. We have been fortunate to exhibit work in Austin, nationally, and internationally and have so far secured grant funding from the City of Austin and Mozilla.