2016 → 2018

e m b e d d e d s u b - p a g e n a v i g a t i o n
I can provide and/or create case studies if necessary, however most of the work I did as a consultant during this period of time is under NDA to varying extents

Designer ←→ Design Consultant ←→ Consultant

A lot of the design consulting work I did at projekt202 and MU/DAI→Drawn prior to joining the Design Institute, in a big way, focused on designing culture and applying design, systems, and futures thinking and methods to the design of software based services and products.

A big focus of mine at and outside of work is on the creation of processes supporting the production of artifacts. Sometimes that takes the form of a community or a collective. Other times this manifests in a component library, a UI Kit, or establishing tooling pipelines, production processes, and cross disciplinary collaboration standards.

Creative Direction of the PRIMER 18 Design-Futures conference Brand Identity

My role on the Design Futures Initiative Board of Directors and as a Founding Partner of vurv tech-arts collective, afforded me the opportunity to lead Brand Identity efforts for the 2018 PRIMER Conference. The team I assembled through vurv is comprised of Ross, Dayan, and myself. A Creative Technologist, Brand Designer, and Creative Director respectively.

Establishing a Design-led Corporate Innovation Lab, while shipping features + products and standing up services

Came on in a full-time capacity at MU/DAI to work on an embedded team focused on establishing and extending an Innovation Lab for the Products and Platforms branch of the Health & Public Services arm of a global management consulting and professional services company.

Freelance Web Design for MU/DAI

Along with an Experience Design Director and Creative Technologist, I worked in a Visual Design capacity to design and develop a new website for Chase & Associates.

Supplementing the Provider Enrollment Experience for the state of Texas

Contracted by MU/DAI to work with the Public Sector arm of a global management consulting and professional services company to supplement the Provider Enrollment Experience for Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership.

Growing a customer-centric UX practice in an Enterprise corporation, while shipping features + products and standing up services

Working on an embedded team while at projekt202 to establish a customer-centric UX Design practice within the Global Support and Deployment Product Group of a multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas.

Modernizing a legacy Customer Service Analytics application

UX Research and Design consultation to define and begin developing the MVP of a modern replacement for a legacy internal application. Working with Austin-based Customer Support Analysts, an Austin-based Product team, and a Bangalore-based Engineering team from an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino.

Co-founding vurv.co tech-arts collective

Starting in 2015 Adam, Kevin, and I fostered the extension of our tribe from a project idea for just the three of us, to a collective (variably comprised) of close to 80 technically oriented creative folks working at the confluence of ✨ art and technology ✨. Before dissolving in 2021, we were fortunate to have exhibited installations in Austin, domestically, and internationally and to have secured grant funding from the City of Austin and Mozilla.