2013 → 2016

e m b e d d e d s u b - p a g e n a v i g a t i o n

finding my way as a young and very eager designer

Flow Factory

I co-led Interaction Design and Creative Direction for this project, initially that encompassed prototyping a first pass at our solution using a visual scripting tool,and eventually pivoted into more of a Producer role.This Interactive Audio-Visual Installation is a vurv collective project and was grant-funded through the city of Austin Cultural Arts Division TEMPO program.

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As WholeSplit's Design Partner I led all Design efforts focused on building an MVP of our web-based group buying platform, intended to augment Alibaba's bulk ordering paradigm.WholeSplit brings together businesses and individuals to group-buy in bulk, at cost, direct from the source.

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Citi Retail Services @ Razorfish

As a Designer on the Citi Retail Service account's Servicing team I primarily focused on maintaining, extending, and applying our white label visual design language and design patterns across the 30+ Citi Bank Financial Partner brand portals comprising the Retail Services platform.It was quite the exercise in maintaining and extending the design language component of a flexible design system across multiple sub systems and service touchpoints.

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Tapr was an iOS application I spent the better part of 2014 and 2015 working on with a team co-located in Austin and San Francisco.The core feature set designed against focused on connecting users with others near-by while providing a real time visualization of a city's social pulse.

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Patrón @ Razorfish

Photoshopped bottles of Patrón into random settings, art direction for social campaigns, light Data Viz design for National Tequila day, some graphics work, all that to say, Advertising Campaign work is not what I want to focus on.

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Mass Relevance - Viz Biz cohort

I was fortunate enough to initiate and take part in an extended Product Design internship at Mass Relevance on the Viz Biz cohort of their Consumer Experience Team.I was a part of a small team comprised of the Customer Experience Lead, a Project Manager, three Full Stack Developers, and a Product Designer.The focus of my role shifted between UX Design, UI Design, Visual Design, Data Design and in-browser Prototyping on a project by project basis as our cohort worked to conceptualize and productize means of visualizing social media content.Post Spredfast and Mass Relevance merger, I stayed on for a few months while I finished up my Capstone Creative Experiment.

More about the Viz Biz cohort at Mass Relevance

Capstone Creative Experiment

My Capstone Creative Experiment for the Digital Arts & Media Bridging Disciplines Program focused on Data Visualization and unbeknowst to me at the time, exploring Network Graphs and Network Databases as a means to visualize the relationships comprising an information system.

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