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workshops, events, and the like

I spend a good deal of time and energy designing, organizing, and facilitating workshops, symposia, participatory lessons and the like through my employers, on behalf of the Design Futures Initiative + Speculative Futures Austin, and for varied Design and Arts organizations in Austin and abroad.


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As my (a)vocational schedule allows, I'm more than happy to engage with or support your community of practice as a speaker, facilitator, or advisor.


I’m looking forward to connecting with communities of practice virtually, and hopefully in person domestically in the US and ideally abroad in countries and continents I’ve yet to visit!

Guest Speaker, Defining UX Strategy



Guest Speaker, Defining UX Strategy

  • Joined again for a 2nd AMA session during the Business Alignment workshop of the Defining UX Strategy course on Tuesday November 29th
  • AMA during the Business Alignment workshop of the 1st offering of the Defining UX Strategy course on Tuesday July 12th

After ample Zoom conversations about what makes UX Strategy distinct from Strategy writ large, my good friend Jeff invited me to be a guest lecturer for their Defining UX Strategy course.

Audio Feature, General Seminar 16 “The Generalist”

Guest Lecturer, Redefining Healthcare Delivery Solutions

Guest lectured during week 3 + 4 sessions for the Value Institute at Dell Med’s MSHCT course: HCT 382 Redefining Healthcare Delivery Solutions, instructed by my colleague turned friend Kathy Carberry.


Alumni Speaker, Dialogues with Design Dissolve

Spoke at the alumni-exclusive Dialogues with Design Dissolve session on Dec 2nd, 2021 about the System Leverage Mapping work I anchored at the Design Institute and about working as a Systemic Designer in the Health & Wellness domain.


Speaker, Design Makes Futures for ADW ‘21

Facilitation Support, Futures by Design Sessions 2 and 3

add blurb for acting as the Supporting Facilitator for Futures by Design Training Sessions 2 + 3, supporting course creators and instructors Jack Wilkinson and Dana ‘Doc’ Martens
  • Session 2 in Summer (July)
  • Session 3 in Autumn (October)

Speaker, Speculative Futures Houston guest speaker

add blurb for speaking at Speculative Futures Houston's inaugural event in late September, with my Austin co-organizers Mirandy Kin and iliana Martinez!

Guest Lecturer, Systems Thinking + Systemic Design

add blurb for guest lecturing on Systems Thinking and Systemic Design for Phil's El Tec class

Lead Organizer, Speculative Futures Austin

Guest, Z-Topia Season 3 Finale

add blurb for guesting on Z-Topia Season 3 Finale

Interviewee: Design Makes Futures, Guild of Working Designers

Facilitation Support, Futures by Design Session 1

add blurb for acting as the Facilitator for Futures by Design Training Session 1, supporting course creators and instructors Jack Wilkinson and Dana ‘Doc’ Martens

Interviewee, Beyond Aesthetics podcast

brought to us by The Fountain Institute


Organizer, Transition Design Salon

add blurb on Transition Design Salon event in December

Guest, Z-Topia Season 2 Finale

add blurb for being a guest on Z-Topia Season 2 finale

Guest,  Z-TOPIA Ep.03

Invited by my friend Phil Balagtas to be one of the guests on his webinar-format talk show ZTOPIA, where designers are invited to muse, speculate and poke at topics they’ve found on the internet. Each guest shares 2-3 articles to be discussed, mine are outlined on Notion.

Podcast Guest for ZTOPIA

5.08.20 _ virtually convened on Zoom

Guest Lecturer, Design-Futures Graduate Seminar

Invited by Tamie Glass as a guest lecturer for her graduate seminar 'This is Your Future: How Human Behavior Will Drive Design'.

Guest Lecture for ARI 350R | ARI 386M | ARC 386M Graduate Seminar

4.14.20 _ The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture _ Austin, TX


Visiting Critic, DES374 Fall '19 Final Critique

Invited to critique the primary artifacts of 3-4 students' Senior Capstone topics that will inform their work during the Exhibition section of their individual Capstone studies in the Spring '20 semester.

Guest Critic for DES374 Design Capstone Studio

12.9.19 _ The University of Texas at Austin School of Design & Creative Technology _ Austin, TX

Facilitator, Local Tech-Arts Network Power Mapping

I'm very excited to have been contacted by IRL @ MoHA, an artist-led incubator for creative experimentation with new technologies to design and facilitate a workshop on a topic of my choosing. I chose to focus on Network Mapping by way of adopting Beautiful Rising's Power Mapping methodology. I organized a workshop focused on mapping the local tech-arts ecosystem in Austin.

Workshop Design + Facilitation for IRL @ MoHA

9.25.19 _ MoHA _ Austin, TX

Competition Advisor, Austin Outpost Design Charette

Invited by QWELL to be an advisor at the The Austin Outpost Pop-Up Design Competition. This Design Charette competition and the broader Austin Outpost initiative intend to design a remarkable and cost-effective portable LGBTQIA+ community center (Austin Outpost Pop-Up) that can easily travel to various locations around Austin.

Competition Jury for "Austin Outpost” Pop-Up LGBTQIA+ Community Center

06.22.19 _ Texas Society of Architects _ Austin, TX

Judge, BMES Design Competition

Invited to be a judge at the 2019 BME Medical Device Design competition. The competition is challenge is to improve patient outcomes in the field of Geriatric medicine.

Competition Jury for Biomedical Engineering Society

04.27.19 _ UT Austin BME Building _ Austin, TX

Guest Lecturer, Intro to Integrated Design

Invited by the Director of the Center for Integrated Design, Gray Garmon, to be the guest lecturer for the Prototyping lesson of the ITD 101 Introduction to Integrated Design course.

Guest Lecture for Introduction to Integrated Design

02.14.19 _ UT COFA _ Austin, TX'

Lightning Speaker, Processing Community Day - Austin

Invited to give a lightning talk to attendees at the Austin node of Processing Community Day on the process of leading the design of a generative identity for the PRIMER ‘18 Conference.

Event Speaker; Lightning Talk for Processing Community Day @Austin

02.10.19 _ dadageek HQ _ Austin, TX


Visiting Critic for the DES374 Fall '18 Final Critique

Invited to critique the primary artifacts of 5 students Senior Capstone topics that will inform their work during the Exhibition section of their individual Capstone studies in the Spring '19 semester.

Guest Critic for DES374 Design Capstone Studio 12.10.18 _ The University of Texas at Austin School of Design & Creative Technology _ Austin, TX

Communing Around Our Futures, and Nurturing a Futures Community

This month's Future In/Out is a conversation between Speculative Futures Ottawa and Speculative Futures Austin, Texas. Adam (chapter organizer of Speculative Futures Austin) and Luisa (chapter organizer of Speculative Futures Ottawa) will have a conversation on what inspired them to foster a futures community and why is it important to do so at a local level.

Event Speaker @ Future In/Out #2 11.14.18 _ Office _ Ottawa, ON Canada, remotely from Austin, TX

Prototyping Images of the Future—Alternative Futures

An introduction to the nascent discipline of Speculative Design, explored in the context of an informal, participatory workshop employing the Ethnographic Experiential Futures (EFF) approach to Foresight.

Workshop Design + Facilitation

10.24.18 _ ACC _ Austin, TX for Austin Design Week 2018

11.08.18 _ Capital Factory _ Austin, TX

Design For Health - Interaction Design Lesson

A lecture for the Fall 2018 ITD 390: DESIGN FOR HEALTH graduate course. Teaching 3rd year Medical Students what Ix, UX, and UI Design are, how they differ, how they relate, and how they relate to Health Care.

Lesson Design + Instruction

10.29.18 _ UT Austin Health Discovery Building _ Austin, TX

Design In Practice Event Series

Organizing, designing, and facilitating tactically focused events and workshops as a part of the 2018 fresh2design Continued Learning event series.

Event Organization + Design + Facilitation

w/ Sanjay Shah and Candice Digby

02.12.18 _ General Assembly, Austin, TX

w/ Alex Price, and Vaishnavi Kumar

07.17.18 _ RetailMeNot, Austin, TX

Adapted Design Sprint Workshops

Organizing, designing, and facilitating Innovation, Disruption, and Discovery Workshops to kick off new work streams at MU/DAI leveraging the Google Ventures Sprint methodology.

Workshop Design + Facilitation

run on my own or with Erica Ryan and rotating members of the MU/DAI team in Austin, TX

2018: 01.24.18, 01.25.18, 02.07.18, 05.08.18, 06.18.18

2017: 05.17.17, 05.31.17, 06.14.17, 07.17.17, 09.06.17, 09.12.17, 10.27.17, 12.13.17

Design System Coffee Talks

Organizing and Facilitating group discussions focused on Design Systems on behalf of fresh2design in order to grow a community of practice in Austin.

Symposium Organization + Facilitation

1.26.18 @ Native Hostel w/ members of the projekt202 Technology team

3.30.18 @ Wellspring4.27.18 @ HomeAway w/ the HomeAway Foundations Team

5.25.18 @ Rackspace w/ the Rackspace Helix Design System Team

7.6.18 @ Native Hostel8.3.18 @ HomeAway w/ the HomeAway Foundations Team

9.7.18 @ USAA w/ the USAA Design Language System Team

10.5.18 @ Tillery Kitchen & Bar w/ guests from Indeed's Design System team

11.2.18 @ IBM w/ the Carbon Design System team


Design Community Town Hall

Designing and Facilitating a Town Hall style experience where members of the Design community in Austin can gather to express how fresh2design can better serve them in a guided, outcome-oriented manner.

Workshop Design + Facilitation

w/ Mae Reed for Austin Design Week

11.09.17 @ Cheer Up Charlies

Design & AI: Defining Design's Place in the Midst of Intelligent Machines

Designing and Facilitating a speculative workshop focused on exploring the distinction between Generalized AI & Applied AI, and defining Design's role in the future and future-present of 'AI'.

Workshop Design + Facilitation

w/ Jannis Hegenwald for Austin Design Week

11.09.17 @ Atlassian

Design Thinking: Applying AI to Disaster Relief

This series of workshops generated $240 in donations for Hurricane Harvey relief. All proceeds & donations from these workshops were donated to the Greater Houston Community Foundation. Organizing, Designing, and Facilitating a Design Thinking workshop series focused on applying AI to disaster relief.

Workshop Design + Organization + Facilitation

09.21.17 - for AMA-Austin _ Microsoft Store in The Domain Austin, TX

09.27.17 - for CTxWFS _ Capitol Factory, Wall-E Room Austin, TX

White-boarding for Design Challenges

An educational session at General Assembly for UX Intensive graduates that provided an overview of how to approach white-boarding when working on Design Challenges as part of the interview process.

Workshop Design + Facilitation

06.13.17 _ Austin, TX

The future of AI Collaboration

Speculative Futures workshop for the Design House: Designing The Future Self event at Atmosphere Coworking.

Workshop Design + Facilitation

03.30.17 _ Austin, TX

What's Design Thinking To You?

Contextual Design Thinking workshop for fresh2design at Byron & Blue focused on helping participants uncover what Design Thinking means to them in relation to their design process.

Workshop Design + Organization + Facilitation

03.06.17 _ Austin, TX

Customer Value & Journey Mapping

Customer Value Mapping + Customer Journey mapping workshop for Dell's Global Support & Deployment Product Group Executive Team offsite at projekt202.

Workshop Facilitation

02.23.17 _ Austin, TX

Embracing Ambiguity Through Design Thinking

A standard Design Thinking workshop for a Creative Mornings Field Trip at projekt202.

Workshop Design + Organization + Facilitation

02.03.17 _ Austin, TX


RITE method Lecture + Workshop

A lecture and short workshop for Jacek Gwidzka's Human Computer Interaction course at the UT Austin Graduate School of Information.

Workshop Design + Facilitation

10.27.16 _ Austin, TX

Prototyping Lecture + Workshop

A lecture and short workshop for Jacek Gwidzka's Human Computer Interaction course at the UT Austin Graduate School of Information.

Workshop Design + Facilitation

10.19.16 _ Austin, TX