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present → futures

My artistic output is shifting towards less collaborative and more physically tangible artifacts, not away from, but subsequent to output that was predominantly tech-based and collaborative as a part of or on behalf of vurv collective.

my impromptu WFH Gallery

and ideally more remote and open curatorial efforts like my impromptu WFH gallery


always trying to find new ways to share my #GlitchesInTheWild

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jamming on t'tt'' with Steve


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Exhibited @ Art Island Ascension on April 16-17th 2021 w/ Derrick Mitchell

#GlitchesInTheWild as NFTS

To learn about art-works as NFTs I minted some of of the more visually interesting glitches i've encountered in the wild as NFTs on the following platforms:

you are but what am i

On August 10th I exhibited a meme-inspired installation at Art Island 6.0, under the theme Womb. This installation pokes fun at our evolving relationship with power as we age.


Physical Installation

02.01.20 _ Art Island 6.0 _ Austin, TX

Hello Neighbor

A group exhibition by + of + for our growing community co-curated by Mason McClay on behalf of Chicon Street Poets and myself on behalf of vurv collective. An EAST Art Event; #88. Hosted at dadageek's new space dadaLab.


Group Exhibition, Co-Curation

11.23.19 _ dadaLab _ Austin, TX

pixels in the aether

On August 10th I exhibited an installation piece at Art Island 5.0, under the theme Transformation. I utilized an adapted version of the dadabooth Processing sketch to generate the images to be printed and mounted in-situ.


Physical Installation

08.11.19 _ Art Island #5 _ Austin, TX

To err.

Invited to submit to the group exhibition The Spinning Beach Ball of Death at IRL @ MoHA in conjunction with Fusebox Festival. Selected to be a part of this group exhibition. IRL is an artist-led incubator for creative experimentation with new technologies.

Archival Installation

04.18.19 - 04.20.19 _ IRL at MOHA _ Austin, TX

Northwest Neighbors

Authored 'Thank you Greta' + created this web archive of this collaborative piece using Notion.


Interactive Installation

02.16.19 _ Art Island _ Austin, TX


1 of 30 selfie stations exhibited in the immersive Selfie Gauntlet experience at The Museum of Human Achievement during the 2018 East Austin Studio Tour.Visitors were given the opportunity to take 30 selfies in a row with 30 seconds for each selfie, design by 30 artists. Selfies were intended to only be for individuals (no groups) and the Gauntlet was an all or nothing ordeal. Folks were to take selfies in order from 1 to 30 and post them all at the end of the experience.

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Interactive Installation

11.10.18 - 11.11.18, 11.17.18 - 11.18.18 _ MOHA _ Austin, TX

"Hello, World!"

I curated and exhibited dadabooth in this vurv collective group exhibition at Austin.

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Group Exhibition, Curation

March 2018 _ Austin _ Austin, TX


Our immersive installation has gone through a series of Processing and p5.js iterations. Below is a screen capture of an permutation of our piece at a Brown State of Mind event.

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Interactive Installation


PRIMER '18 Dynamic Identity

I led the brand identity efforts of the 2018 PRIMER Speculative Design & Strategic Foresight conference in a Creative Direction capacity on behalf of the Design Futures Initiative in collaboration with Creative Technologist RA Robertson and Brand Designer Dayan D'Aniello from vurv collective.

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Dynamic Identity System

2018 _ Berkely, CA

Flow Factory @ Gwangju Media Arts Festival 2017

Invited by the City of Austin's Cultural Art's division to represent Austin at a New Media Arts festival in South Korea that was affiliated with the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Austin is the only city in the US witha UNESCO Media Arts designation.

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Interactive Installation

2017 _ Gwangju, South Korea

Flow Factory @ Austin's New Year

Invited by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin's Economic Development Department to showcase Flow Factory at Austin New Year in 2016 and 2017 at Auditorium Shores now Vic Mathius Shores I think).


Interactive Installation

2016, 2017 _ Auditorium Shores _ Austin, TX

Pixels in the Aether

Created this interactive installation with Chris Boette as our course project for an early dadageek course focused on the programming language Processing, taught by Jerome Martinez.


Interactive Installation

2016 _ Austin, TX

TEMPO 2016 - Flow Factory

Received a TEMPO grant through the Art in Public Places Program to realize this interactive installation.

Interactive Installation

2016 _ TEMPO _ Austin, TX


An instagram account I started in 2015 to document instances of lonely inanimate objects (effectively waste) that I noticed in urban settings. Over the years this project matured from a comical outlet to document lonely objects discarded in random urban settings to an effort to make note of waste as a by-product of economic activity on a common social channel by anthropomorphizing inanimate, seemingly lonely, discarded objects.

Media Art

2015 - 2020 _ Instagram

Capital Factory Dynamic Mural(s)

Taylor Kirk, Kevin Reilly, and I designed and installed this dynamic mural set, one of which is still on display in the 16th floor lobby of Capital Factory to this day.

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Dynamic Mural

for SXSW 2015 _ Capital Factory _ Austin, TX