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writing + advising (sharing my perspective)

i've always enjoyed writing, but i've found I do most of my public-reflecting on current interests and areas of (a)vocational expertise with friends over drinks (mostly remotely these days, but in person in the before times) or online in the Slack communities I frequent. Perhaps I should just start writing essays in the form of zines based on snippets of those conversations...


With, Not For: What Designers can Learn from Social Workers when Engaging with Complex Social Systems

Speculative Futures Chapter Toolkit

Authored on behalf of the Design Futures Initiative throughout 2019 to support new and current chapter organizers.

The Responsibility of Design: Adopting a Futures-Oriented Mindset to Support a More Responsible Design Practice


Real-Time in Design

Advised the author, my friend Dom and provided light editing support as my schedule allowed.

low- to-almost-no-touch


On behalf of the Design Institute for Health, those of us who expressed interest contributed our perspectives, notions, and inklings to this think piece from Politico.

What is Strategic Design?

Served as one of many sources of inspiration for the author, my friend Jeff, by introducing him to Strategic Design via repeatedly recommending Dark Matter and Trojan Horses by Dan Hill and discussing it with him through various communications channels and even in person in Marfa! in the before times.