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writing + advising to share my perspective


Startupy Curator Spotlight: Ecosystem Mapping

Featured in the Curator Spotlight portion of Issue #25 of the Startupy email newsletter. The rabbit hole I focused my curating on for this spotlight is Ecosystem Mapping. A technique near and dear to my vocational heart that I shared my perspective on along with some useful content to introduce Ecosystem Mapping to those unfamiliar with the technique.


Plotting Design Interventions as Points of System Leverage

Authored this article for our studio's new Medium Publication to talk about how I anchored our project team adaptation of an incredibly useful systemic design framework.

Much appreciation for the support I received while writing this from my Design Institute colleagues Kate Payne (editing final draft for publication), Arotin Hartounian (hero illustration), and Lauren Gardner + Andrew Do (strategic feedback on earlier drafts).

With, Not For: What Designers can Learn from Social Workers when Engaging with Complex Social Systems

Co-authored this article for the 2020 School of Design and Creative Technology Journal Volume 1: Designing to End COVID-19 with Lauren Gardner and Rose Lewis. I also had some fun creating the diagrammatic illustrations used in our article.

Speculative Futures Chapter Toolkit

Authored on behalf of the Design Futures Initiative throughout 2019 to support new and current chapter organizers.

The Responsibility of Design: Adopting a Futures-Oriented Mindset to Support a More Responsible Design Practice

Authored this essay-style article for the 2019 School of Design and Creative Technology Journal.

Much appreciation to my Design Institute colleagues Kat Jones + Kate Payne (editing) and Arotin Hartounian (hero illustration).


Real-Time in Design

Advised the author, my friend Dom and provided light editing support.



On behalf of the Design Institute for Health, those of us who expressed interest contributed our perspectives, notions, and inklings to a section of this think piece that our Executive Director Stacey Chang authored for Politico.

What is Strategic Design?

Served as one of many sources of inspiration for the author, my friend Jeff, by introducing him to Strategic Design via repeatedly recommending Dark Matter and Trojan Horses by Dan Hill and discussing it with him through various communications channels and even in person in Marfa back in March of 2020.