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e m b e d d e d s u b - p a g e n a v i g a t i o n

I believe that design is not just about artifacts. Design should be rooted in Systems Thinking and Futures Literacy because everything is connected to everything else.


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^~ photo courtesy Natalie Campbell

I focus on creating contexts that enable the emergence of desired outcomes as part of embedded and consultative teams.


^ ~ image adapted from Dan Hill in ‘Change the Model’: an interview about drip-feeding culture change via strategic design

I actively look for points of confluence and coherence between the processes of designing for human interaction with technology, the design of interfaces to support those interactions, and the more macroscopic design of services that often incorporate interfaces as user facing touch points.

I approach problems with a Systems & Futures Thinking mindset, applying methods from these schools of thought and study to the process of designing solutions that are becoming less and less predominantly software-based.

I strive to champion Systems-Thinking and Futures-Literacy in design processes, and make time to design, organize, and facilitate workshops, symposia, and the like.

Design for me is not chaos with coincidental harmony, it's harmoniously weaving disorder into flexible frameworks.

Following strong interests to the confluence of design, interaction, technology, and new media led me to:
  • an extended Product Design internship on the Visualization cohort of Mass Relevance's Consumer Experience team
  • an extended contract role on a product team within the digital agency Razorfish
  • a UX Design role at projekt202; a software application design and research consultancy
  • to unintentionally freelancing for a stint
  • an Interaction focused Experience Design role at Drawn (prev. MU/DAI)
  • working as the 1st and only Interaction Designer in the Design Institute for Health at UT Dell Med before transitioning into a Systems Design role
  • contracting and then converting into a full-time role as a Strategic Lead Designer on the Platform Design XD team at Expedia Group

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I'm revisiting how to better present the organizations I currently or have had working relationships with. For now this content will exist over here: https://www.notion.so/a-work-in-progress-archive-of-my-working-relationships-b7ee852aa25343fe9467d3e6632efaff

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I'm revisiting how to best collate and share the content that has inspired me and the way I think. For now this content will exist over here: https://www.notion.so/content-i-m-particularly-encouraged-by-93aca37701ee4fd9ab460af090536723

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