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I can provide and/or create case studies upon request in order to provide a more traditional overview of how I contributed to bringing a project to fruition

2021 onward into the futures 👀

Design at the Design Institute for Health


Product (Interaction) → Service → Systems → Futures Design

White Space efforts and longitudinal design support

🗓July '21 → onward 🗓

System Leverage Mapping

[Systemic Design] [Mapping]

Transitions of Care, Designer

🗓January '21 → August '21 🗓

Working with the Dell Med School Department of Internal Medicine to help us assess and improve transitions of care from Dell Seton Medical Center to outpatient facilities.

[Design Research] [Design Strategy] [Service Design] [Mapping; Experience, System]

Phase 2: Understanding

🗓April → June 2021 🗓

Designer leading our mapping efforts to make sense of primary research learnings

  • doing a lot of iterative, remote co-created mapping in Miro
  • utilizing co-created maps as strategic boundary artifacts

Phase 0: prolonged Design Sprint

🗓January → March 2021 🗓


Quickly identify, prototype, and measure improvements in bi-directional communication between Dell Seton Medical Center and outpatient providers, particularly those at CommUnityCare (CUC), through the boundary artifact of a Discharge Summary.

What we did:

This phase of work culminated in the design and testing of two prototypes to improve how the discharge summary is written during a two-week testing period:

  • A workshop with internal medicine residents and outpatient providers to improve resident understanding of how outpatient providers use the discharge summary and what information is most important to them
  • A checklist, shared with internal medicine residents, to provide practical guidance as they write discharge summaries on what information outpatient providers need

We evaluated our prototypes, through surveys and interviews, to see how they affected short-term outcomes and found that residents were more knowledgeable (competencies) and motivated (attitudes) to write good discharge summaries and that the workshop built trust and empathy between inpatient and outpatient providers.

My role and contribution to this collaborative effort:

  • Design Lead for the Prototyping phase of our initial Design Sprint
    • introduced the Systems Leverage Map framework and guided the team through adapting it to represent our potential future pathways of work
  • supporting the Research phase of our initial Design Sprint
  • lightly supporting the Evaluation phase of our initial Design Sprint by way of co-leading the Prototyping phase and responding to feedback garnered through testing and collaborating with our broader project team

Design in Health Map, Co-Lead

🗓November 2020 → ongoing internal effort 🗓

[Information Architecture] [System Mapping]


Continuing the self-initiated, internal Design in Health Map project with Natalie Privett


  • getting more familiar with Kumu's CSS-like markdown by way of heavily adapting Kumu's Radar template to our exploratory use cases

  • Natalie presented at the HXD Conference about our internal project!

Discipline Development

[Design-Futures] [Systemic Design] [Design Education]

Supporting the development of our institute capabilities in Design-Futures and Systemic Design

  • Leading efforts to apply Futures to design as a core studio capability
  • working with our Systems Designers Natalie Privett and Arotin Hartounian to
    • further develop this discipline internally
    • refine how we speak about the nascent discipline when engaging with MA students and external organizations
    • contribute to course structure and lesson content for DES294 Health Systems Design as project work and competing project schedules allow

Corage, Content Lead

[Design Strategy] [Service Design] [Facilitation]

Staying engaged in the Corage project through Q1 acting as an interim Content Lead

  • facilitating interdisciplinary working group sessions to iteratively adjust our maps for inclusion as figures in academic journal submissions
  • updating our initial Experience Maps in support of journal publication with Arotin
  • working with members of the Value Institute for Health to assess opportunities to cohere our respective streams of Phase 1 work

Workshop Support

Workshop creation, planning, and facilitation

  • MSKI + Design Institute Workshop _ Facilitation _ 02.24.2021
    • I stepped in to support the brainstorming portion of a workshop for the UT Health Austin Musculoskeletal Institute
  • Solutions Design Workshop _ Planning + Facilitation _ 01.11.2021
    • This introductory design workshop was designed and facilitated by José, Natalie P, and myself for the Value Institute for Health & Care MA in Healthcare Transformation program

Systems Thinking for Service Design

[Systems Thinking] [System Mapping] [Service Design]

🗓January '21 → February '21 🗓

I was accepted into the first cohort of Systems Thinking for Service Designers from Design Dissolve. I'm one of two cohort members living in the Americas, and am the only American in the cohort, which I've quite enjoyed. I completed this training in late February of 2021 and have received a Certificate of Completion.


Jumping back into getting the know/edge public beta live

on the WWW with Ian, Shelby, Steven, and Peter

[Product Design]

  • excited that Lauren Schroeder is jumping into the front end efforts of the project to get our beta back live on the WWW!!!!!!

Design Futures Initiative, Board Member

[Design Futures] [Community of Practice] [Nonprofit]

Speculative Futures Austin, Lead Organizer

with support from my Co-Organizers iliana Martinez and Mirandy Kim

  • excited to announce that Mirandy Kim has joined iliana and I as our 2nd interim Co-Organizer
  • we're actively looking for 1-2 new co-organizers

Making time to work on personal creative projects

on my own outside of work at a nice leisurely pace as i've interest and head-space