(a)vocation; 2021 → futures

e m b e d d e d s u b - p a g e n a v i g a t i o n

the plan for 2021 onward into the futures 👀

working at the Design Institute for Health

  • Designer on the Transitions in Care project
    • co-leading the Prototyping phase of our initial ~8 week design sprint
    • supporting the Research phase of our initial ~8 week design sprint
    • supporting the Evaluation phase of our initial ~8 week design sprint by way of co-leading the Prototyping phase and responding to feedback garnered through testing and collaborating with our broader project team
  • [on hold until March] continuing the self-initiated, internal Design in Health Map project with Natalie Privett
    • exploring how it can be utilized within the MA course DES294 Health Design Systems
    • getting more familiar with Kumu's CSS-like markdown
  • developing our institute capabilities in Systemic Design
    • working with our Systems Designers Natalie Privett and Arotin Hartounian to
      • further develop this discipline internally
      • refine how we speak about the nascent discipline when engaging with MA students and external organizations
      • contribute to course structure and lesson content for DES294 Health Systems Design as project work and competing project schedules allow

  • staying engaged in the Corage project
    • updating our initial Experience Maps in support of journal publication
    • working with members of the Value Institute for Health to cohere our respective streams of Phase 1 work
  • workshop support
    • 01.11.2021 _ Solutions Design Workshop w/ Value Institute for their MA in Healthcare Transformation students

Systems Thinking for Service Design

I was accepted into the first cohort of Systems Thinking for Service Designers from Design Dissolve. I'm one of two cohort members living in the Americas, and am the only American in the cohort, which I've quite enjoyed.


jumping back into getting the know/edge public beta live on the web with Ian, Shelby, Steven, and Peter

  • we're looking for someone with front end engineering experience and an interest in information visualization to jam with us
    • experience or interest in working with D3 and React a big ++

working on more personal creative projects on my own outside of work at a nice leisurely pace as i've interest and head-space

staying involved with the Design Futures Initiative

  • supporting Speculative Futures chapters by standing up a Chapter Knowledge Base in Notion
  • complimenting this Knowledge Base effort by standing up and administrating a chapter location map with Vera
  • image

  • acting as the Producer for the first year of DFI's Futures by Design training with Kedge

acting as the Lead Organizer for Speculative Futures Austin with remote support from iliana Martinez

  • will soon be announcing a 2nd interim Co-organizer!
  • i'm actively looking for 1-2 new co-organizers